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First Post!

Hi :D I was watching this interview, where the host makes fun of Matt's French on IBTY, and suddenly this crack idea hit me...

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win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win i think this each time i listen to i belong to you
YEEEEY I WON :DD lol I am now too xD
LMAO! Oh my Christ XD
Thank you! *points at icon* Dr. Cox :DDD I used to say that all the time!
Hahaha. It's a very good saying. I hadn't seen the episode before the icon, but when I saw the icon, I fell in love with it immediately.
Scrubs is extremely quotable, I ended up with a lot of saying from that show xD

Deleted comment

Glad I could do so!

...is that Matt as Lady GaGa? :O

Deleted comment

OMG I LOVE IT. This reminds me of that picture of Dom in the GaGa hat xD

Deleted comment

I know that someone has an icon of it. I think it's on muse.mu, but the site down right now DDDDD:

NGL, Dom as Beyoncé scares me xD And I had to go look up who Chris was Photoshopped on, though I know now...lol That image gets funnier the more I think about it...
you need to post this to ontd_muse. You will be loved for it. :D
I did not know that macros could be posted there! Will do so, thanks for the suggestion :D
They are posted, and encouraged! :D